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Lion’s Den

Auteur/Compositeur : Bruce Springsteen

Texte chanson

You broke my heart, tore it apart Thought it was cute, thought it was smart But now I'm back and I've got the strength of ten So I got a message for you my friend I'm Daniel waitin' in the lion's den Daniel waitin'for that lion to come Daniel waitin'in the lion's den Dum dum dee dum dum dee dee dum dum That old lion's mean and long in the tooth And like you, baby, he's out on the loose Messin' hearts up time and time again Now it's the time for that messin' to end At night I hear you out prowling around Tearing guys up, scaring 'em down Now all that growling's gonna come to no end 'Cause I'm just bidding my time, my little friend