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Lucky Man

Auteur/Compositeur : Bruce Springsteen

Texte chanson

Running down the highway half past eleven Waitin' for my odometer to roll straight sevens I'm a lucky man I went to see the gypsy the other night She looked in my palm looked me in the eye Said you're a lucky man Some folks got fortune some got eyes of blue What you got will always see you through You're a lucky man Pa went from the army to the factory to the killing yard I make my living with my hands behind the wheel of this car I'm a lucky man Messin' with me man wouldn't be wise Roll them dice son - ah snake eyes I'm a lucky man Had a girl in Calgary I gave her up Man that love thing was messin' with my luck I'm a lucky man I'll wake up tomorrow morning in another state Kiss me now baby before it's too late If you wanna kiss a lucky man I don't miss no girl I don't miss no home He travels fastest who travels alone He's a lucky man A man with the world in the palm of his hands