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Rockaway the Days

Auteur/Compositeur : Bruce Springsteen

Texte chanson

Billy got out of prison but he wasn't right Some like to drink or gamble, Billy liked to fight He tracked back to his home state of Maryland Went to his mom's mobile home where she took hin in, alright Rockaway the days, rockaway the nights Gimme something to last me, baby, 'til the morning light I ain't lookin' for trouble, I ain't looking for a fight Honey rockaway these days, rockaway these nights Well at a picnic one Sunday Billy met Mary Dove Mary lloked at Billy, Billy fell in love Billy swore to Mary he'd always love het so They were married in the valley where the river flows, alright At a roadside bar Billy argued with a young man And he settled that argument with a razor in his hand With blood on his shirt back to Mary he did run She sighed "Billy, oh Billy, what have you done?" He ran to his ma's trailer but the lights were dim He pounded on the door, she wouldn't let him in Up the road to a neighbor's house he drew near They said "Billy go away, we don't want no trouble 'round here" Billy stole a car and headed out on the road Pocketful of pills and his brain on overload Seen some lights in his rearview mirror, panicked and gave her the gun Wrapped himself 'round a telephone pole way out on 101 Well Billy got cut out by the highway patrol Just lay there with the cars passing on slow Sheriff told Billy's ma that Billy died She buried his body by the riverside, alright Well rich man want the power and the seat on the top Poor man want the money that the rich man got Honey tonight I'm feeling so tired and unsure Come on in Mary, shut the light, close the door