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Shut Out the Light

Auteur/Compositeur : Bruce Springsteen

Texte chanson

The runway rushed up at him as he felt the wheels touch down He stood out on the blacktop and took a taxi into town He got out down on Main Street and went into a local bar He bought a drink and found a seat in a corner off the dark Well she called up her mama to make sure the kids were out of the house She checked herself out in the dining room mirror And undid an extra button on her blouse He felt her lying next to him, the clock said 4:00 am He was staring at the ceiling He couldn't move his hands Oh mama mama mama come quick I've got the shakes and I'm gonna be sick Throw your arms around me in the cold dark night Hey now mama don't shut out the light Don't you shut out the light Don't you shut out the light Don't you shut out the light Don't you shut out the light Well on his porch they stretched a banner that said "Johnny Welcome Home" Bobby pulled his Ford out of the garage and they polished up the chrome His mama said "Johnny oh Johnny, I'm so glad to have you back with me" His pa said he was sure they'd give him his job back down at the factory Well deep in a dark forest, a forest filled with rain Beyond a stretch of Maryland pines there's a river without a name In the cold black water Johnson Lineir stands He stares across the lights of the city and dreams of where he's been