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The Honeymooners

Auteur/Compositeur : Bruce Springsteen

Texte chanson

Two kids get married, same old thing Folks congratulate you, church bells ring Who's got the ring, who's gonna pay the priest Get your mama in the paper, picture or two at least And at the reception all the old records play "Where you gonna live, are you gonna taker her away?" In a corner my new nephew's showin' me his knife You swore that you'd love her for the rest of your life Went to kiss you at the altar we bumped heads Honeymoon night we figured we best shake on it instead Dressed kinda funny, laughin' we hop in bed You can wear it on your feet, you can wear it on your head Come mornin' my new famlily's sitting on the front porch swing Smilin' kinda funny, nobody says a thing My new brother-in-law's throwin' a football, he tosses me a pass We all sit down on the front stoop, everybody happy at last