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With Every Wish

Auteur/Compositeur : Bruce Springsteen

Texte chanson

Ol' catfish in the lake we called him Big Jim When I was a kid my only wish was to get my line in him Skipped church one Sunday rowed out and throw'd in my line Jim took that hook pole and me right over the side Went driftin' down past old tires and rusty cans of beer The angel of the lake whispered in my ear "Before you choose your wish son You better think first With every wish there comes a curse" I fell in love with beautiful Doreen She was the prettiest thing this old town'd ever seen I courted her and I made her mine But I grew jealous whenever another man'd Come walkin' down the line And my jealousy made me treat her hard and cruel She sighed "Bobby oh Bobby you're such a fool Don't you know before you choose your wish You'd better think first 'Cause with every wish there comes a curse" These days I sit around and laugh At the many rivers I've crossed But on the far banks there's always another forest Where a man can get lost Well there in the high trees love's bluebird glides Guiding us 'cross to another river on the other side And there someone is waitin' with a look in her eyes And though my heart's grown weary And more than a little bit shy Tonight I'll drink from her waters to quench my thirst And leave the angels to worry With every wish...